Chaney Architects, established in 1982 as I Chaney and Associates is considered as one of the leading architectural practices in the country.

The practice is managed by the partners, Iqbal Chaney and Nandini Sapre and assisted by a team of architects.

Iqbal Chaney trained in Mumbai and London and worked in London and Tripoli, Libya before returning to India to set up the practice. Nandini Sapre joined the practice in 1986.

The practice has established a track record of excellence in architecture, planning and interior design and executed over 600 projects.

In the last decade Chaney Architects has been associated closely with Ruby Hall Clinic, one of the most renowned healthcare facility providers in Pune.

The experience of working on various hospital projects has immensely enhanced our comprehension of healthcare projects and their planning. We have a deep understanding of the functioning of health care facilities and deep knowledge in terms of hospital design as well as implementation and execution.

Our vast experience in designing a wide spectrum of healthcare facilities varies from small trauma and diagnostic centers to cancer centers and large multidisciplinary hospitals.

Our design not only meets the functional requirements of a medical facility but also creates a healing and emotionally reassuring environment for the patients and visitors in terms of architecture as well as interiors.

We strive to incorporate green building concepts as well as a barrier free environment in our designs. Our architectural expression is reflective of the gradual shift in outlook of healthcare institutions from merely treating the sick to a concerted approach to harness healthy living.